Pack for YOUR journey. It doesn’t matter if it’s year 1 or year 30 in your career. Know your self-worth. Value yourself.

I picked up “The Path Made Clear: Discovering Your Life’s Direction and Purpose” by Oprah looking for inspiration for myself. What Cat and I have created is so unlike anything else in the education industry I get frustrated that leaders don’t see it and want their staff to have it. My reason for picking up this book was to help me be clearer about my journey, about what I’m supposed to be doing.

A calling doesn’t have to be career-related. I know I’ve been destined to be a mother since my sister was born in 1989. I absolutely love being a mom to our three beautiful and smart kids. But, yes there is a but. I was ME for 33 years. I married at 32 which means I became a mom (okay, stepmom) at 32, biological mom at 33 and again at 35. But, there is a professional void. I want to feel accomplished, but when I focus on MY accomplishments, I feel empty. I decided to be intentional with my time and efforts. 

Journey Through Education is one of my babies. I figuratively gave birth to it, alongside Cat. We dreamt it. We co-wrote our guide for educators and grew determined to help educators take charge of their careers.

So, what does that have to do with this book written by Oprah? Her book had inspirational quotes, and you know educators love quotes. It had her own story as well as perspectives from other successful well-known people such as Ellen, Cheryl Strayer, Elizabeth Gilbert, Eckhart Tolle, Jay-Z and many others.

The beginning chapter of our guide discusses “packing for the journey” or self-discovery. That’s where this book falls into place. Learn your own self-worth. Learn to value yourself because if you don’t, no one else will either.

Twenty of my lessons learned from “The Path Made Clear”:

1.    I am not my salary.

2.    Sometimes knowing what you don’t want is as valuable as knowing what you do.

3.    Know the joy of doing what you love and never stop pursuing it.

4.    Know what is rewarding for you…live your truth.

5.    Don’t lose sight of the unique gift you share with the world.

6.    Know what is real, your forever. Determine what you were meant to offer the world.

7.    Don’t let resistance block your blessings. Sometimes you just have to resist resisting.

8.    Change your mindset from scarcity to sufficiency, contentment instead of fear of not having/doing enough.

9.    Success is cyclical. We can’t experience it 100% of the time, and we shouldn’t expect or want to.

10.  You will be humbled by failure. Failure is inevitable because we cannot control success. If you try to control it, self-destruction will occur because success is out of our control.

11.  Your life is not static.

12.  Know what feeds your energy.

13.  Believe the universe has a bigger, deeper dream for you than you could ever imagine.

14.  You become what you believe.

15.  Focus on your gifts and believe others will compliment your weaknesses and vice versa.

16.  Dreams come with resistance, but your desire must be stronger than the resistance. State what you want, face it head on, conquer it.

17.  Run your own race. Focus on your own dreams. Others can’t do it for you just as you can’t do it for them.

18.  Be intentional. Articulate your vision. A vision is meant to pull you forward. It has to be clear. Your current circumstances are NOT your possibilities; don’t get stuck in what you know because that’s only what you have already seen. It’s not where you CAN go.

19.  Commit to your vision. Walk it daily. Face your fears. Move forward, even if it’s baby steps.

20.  Challenges activate dormant potential. Potential is greater than the challenge.Do you believe in yourself and your potential? Talk about potential and possibilities more than you complain or talk about issues. Ask what if instead of doubting, worrying, and fearing the future. Your energy will rise. You’ll notice a positive mind shift and a shift your accomplishments.

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