Journey Through Education

We want educators to find their purpose, remember who they are as a person, and reconnect to their why. The career mapping organizational binder assists educators create a plan for their Journey Through Education and functions as an organizer for documents, certificates, professional development, networking, and any other pertinent information for your journey.

The career mapping organizational binder is not a sprint but a marathon of a journey to be worked on throughout the school year, serving as a planning and reflection tool. There are monthly, semester, and yearly commitments to get through the year’s journey and reach your final destination (summer break!). You will focus on yourself and your career.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. It’s about creating yourself.” -George Bernard Shaw

Are you ready to create an plan for your Journey Through Education?

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Journey Through Education
We will walk educators through our career mapping organizational binder, giving tips on why and how to utilize it to make each year more successful than the previous

Exploring Careers in Education

Creating a Career Plan

Professional and Personal Mission, Vision, and Values

Empowering Educators to Navigate Their Careers

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