Below are our top choices for educator classroom needs.

Automatic Stapler
Electric Sharpener
Pro Laminator
100 Laminating Pouches
Laminator Pouches: Various Sizes
Self Adhesie Laminating, 2 7/16 x 3 7/8
Self Adhesive Laminating Sheets
Cardstock, Assorted Colors
Paper Trimmer
3-Hole Punch
Ink Joy Gel Pens
Ink Joy Retractable Pens
Sharpies, 24 count
Chisel Tip Expo Markers
Expo Dry Erase Set
Binder Clips, Assorted Sizes
Assorted Paper Clips, Binder Clips and Rubber Bands.
Command Strips-Hang Posters
Comman Strips, Holds up to 5 lb.
Glue Dots
Lesson Planner
Label Maker
EZ Grader
Bluetooth Speaker
Teacher Reward Kit
Motivational Posters
Dr. Seuss Motivational Bulletin Board Kit
Callendar Kit, Bulletin Board Set
Bulletin Board Border, 6 set

The educator in your life or you would be THRILLED to have any of the items listed above.

Happy Shopping!

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